A Non-Clinical Approach To Managing Challenging Behavior

  Parent Consultation
Often times parents are referred to mental health clinicians, developmental pediatricians or public schools for evaluation when their child is displaying challenging behavior. Although these services can be helpful, many parents feel overwhelmed by the process and are looking for non-clinical support in managing these behaviors in the home. 

Through consultation parents will identify the social and emotional needs of their child and develop a comprehensive plan to best address these needs and decrease challenging behavior. If parents decide to pursue further evaluation for their child, the early childhood consultant will be able to assist in the process. 

Professional Consultation

At times early educators, childcare providers and support staff struggle with managing challenging behavior in young children. Early Childhood Consultation is a non -clinical approach in managing challenging behavior, designed to help professionals identify the specific needs of children and develop a plan to best support social and emotional development, and decrease challenging behaviors.